Why SMI?

2018 ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute in Lowell

We asked attendees what they liked best about the 2018 ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute in Lowell.

“I really enjoyed the information provided by the speaker Stephanie as well as the role play. That experience provided hands-on knowledge about how to engage with students during as investigation to get the required information.”

“Discussion between other institutions and exchanging ideas between other institutions was the most valuable part of the institute for me. This discussion allowed me to think creatively and challenge my thought process.”

“Outstanding content, excellent presentation, and most of all outstanding facilitators!”

“Being in an open and conversational set up. This open set up encouraged questions that came up in the moment as well as bouncing ideas/experiences off one another. This was very important and well done.”

“I loved the warm and understanding atmosphere that was created in the room. As a new professional, there were many talking points throughout the conference that I was not familiar with and though I was unaware of these talking points, I did not feel uncomfortable asking clarifying questions.”

“The knowledge of Winston and Maria was incredible. I value their expertise very much. Also, Dr. Block was amazing!!!!”

2018 ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute in Portland

We asked attendees what they liked best about the 2018 ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute in Portland.

“The comfortable, collegial feel was great and the presenters were clearly very knowledgeable. The compliance, Rights, Due Process segment was helpful because of the case study and history mentioned.”

“The presenters were obviously well-informed and well-qualified to lead the training. They offered practical advice, as well as perspectives from different types of institutions and different systems.”

“The last day was extremely valuable. I appreciated the opportunity to do the activity as a large group to learn from those in the room. Thank you for this activity.”

“The format was excellent and the course material was very thorough. Additionally, the ability to dialogue about individual issues pertaining to the topics was great.”

“The last day where we applied our learning was the most engaging and beneficial to me. I enjoyed being able to dialogue as a group about what questions to ask and how to ask the questions.”

2017 ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute 

We asked attendess what they liked best about the 2017 ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute track at the Gehring Academy.

“Hands on, in the trenches help. ATIXA was great but Gehring was even better. Brian and Jaclyn were amazing. So prepared, SO knowledgeable and committed to making sure we had every question answered. They facilitated beautifully. I really appreciated that they had the smaller schools in a separate room. It made such good sense because of the dynamics of a small vs larger campus. It was clear they spent countless hours preparing for the week and we only benefited. I would absolutely go back and you should ABSOLUTELY get them again.”

“Knowledgeable faculty, approachable and open to hearing members share alternate approaches to issues.”

“I appreciated that they could draw from personal examples as current professionals, and I felt like they engaged the room, promoted participation and gave great feedback.”

“Our faculty, Brian and Jaclyn, had very complimentary teaching styles that served everyone in the group. I appreciated their no-nonsense approach to sexual misconduct and will absolutely use their practices in my daily work.”

“The open/safe/empathetic vibe of the faculty and practicing an investigation on the last day.”

“The way the SMI track built upon itself made a lot of sense, created space for me to reflect on my own institutional needs, and process new information in a meaningful way. The practice at the end of the day, while it started out a bit slow and rough, ended really well and was a great space to practice what we learned all week!”

2016 ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute 

At the ASCA Sexual Misconduct Institute I learned…

“More about trauma informed practice. I have attended several training and presentations previously but Dr. Lash’s was easily the most informative and comprehensive I’ve seen.”

“Better interviewing techniques in the investigative process, more about how to identify trauma in impacted parties, continued self-exploration in myself related to cultural competence and how to see things though a students’ lens.”

“Substantive information about the process of investigation of sexual misconduct and the gray areas surrounding the issue.”

“More about the adjudication process and how other institutions adjudicate sexual misconduct cases.”

“The mechanics of conducting an investigation and the nuances in asking complete questions and getting information in a trauma informed way.”