The Sexual Misconduct Institute track is a practitioner led institute that seeks to increase the capacity of those who work with sexual misconduct cases on their campus.  The institute goes beyond basic compliance and understanding of legal requirements to a trauma informed approach to investigations that are informed by cultural competence.

Throughout the four days, the curriculum shifts from a theoretical framework to practicing skills such as how to determine what questions to ask, how to write reports including solid rationale, and how to evaluate information obtained in your investigation.  This institute is ideal for student conduct administrators, Title IX coordinators, investigators, student conduct hearing committee members, human resource staff, and campus partners who work with Title IX on their campuses.


Learning Outcomes:

Participants will:

  1. Enhance their knowledge of compliance with United States federal regulation on sexual misconduct and gain updates on relevant court case outcomes that inform our work.
  2. Recognize best practices for resolving a sexual misconduct from initial complaint through adjudication.
  3. Learn and practice investigation skills applicable to all parties being interviewed and gain skills in determining if the information gathered reaches a preponderance of the evidence standard.
  4. Acquire knowledge and insight to enhance individual cultural competency in order to understand their own identities and be able to better work with a diverse population of student during the investigative and adjudication process.
  5. Understand consent and how incapacitation by alcohol or other drugs can affect consent and apply that to sexual assault investigations.
  6. Identify trauma, secondary trauma, and self-care for all parties involved in the process.